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New Technologies on Agrarian Reform

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Let’s discuss and combine to avert Jatropha soffocation of countries of the ’South’ (New Technologies)

by Makanjuola Olaseinde ARIGBEDE
Monday 10 August 2009 by LRAN

Agribusiness’ headlong flight to agrofuels and their impact on food security (New Technologies)

Jacques Berthelot Solidarité (http://solidarite.asso.fr)
Monday 29 June 2009 by LRAN
Agrofuels constitute the subset of liquid biofuels of the first generation, extracted from agricultural feedstocks, beside those awaited of the second generation extracted from renewable ligneous-cellulosic products (agricultural wastes, wood)1 or algae or micro-algae, often called of the (...)

Green Gold Rush: Africa Becoming a Biofuel Battleground (New Technologies)

Horand Knaup
Friday 19 September 2008 by LRAN

Article from Der Spiegel (Germany). Date: 5 September 2008

Agroenergy: Myths and Impacts in Latin America (New Technologies)

Monday 22 October 2007 by LRAN
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The Jkarta Post (Indonesia)

We need agrofuel, not biofuel, right? (New Technologies)

Tuesday 17 July 2007 by LRAN

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

by Henry Saragih, Jakarta

Biofuels: The Five Myths of the Agro-fuels Transition (New Technologies)

by Eric Holt-Giménez
Tuesday 3 July 2007 by LRAN

Ethanol Booms, Farmers Bust (New Technologies)

By Lisa M. Hamilton, AlterNet
Friday 1 June 2007 by LRAN

Colonialism and Agroenergy (New Technologies)

Maria Luisa Mendonça and Marluce Melo
Tuesday 3 April 2007 by LRAN

- Maria Luisa Mendonça is a member of the Social Network for Justice and Human Rights.

- Marluce Melo is a member of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT).

Militant Brazilian Opposition to Bush-Lula Ethanol Accords (New Technologies)

by Isabella Kenfield and Roger Burbach
Friday 23 March 2007 by LRAN
During President Bush’s visit to Brazil thousands of poor, rural members of the international Via Campesina social movement and the Brazilian Movement of the Landless Rural Workers (MST) orchestrated massive, non-violent occupations of multinational agribusiness corporations throughout the (...)

Colombia’s Palm Oil Biodiesel Push (New Technologies)

By Tatiana Roa Avendaño
Thursday 8 February 2007 by LRAN

Tatiana Roa Avendaño is a member of Censat Agua Viva and Amigos de la Tierra/Colombia.

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